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Ben Perkins



Barebow Archery are the producers of top end hand crafted Custom Bows and private one on one bow making courses. We have built a very good reputation specialising in Longbows and Warbows, now also the Production of Flatbows and Recurve bows.


When we started production of English Longbows, fueled by an immense passion for Archery, and the shooting of bows, we contacted the Mary Rose Trust and organised an excursion to go and examine the Tudor Warbows that were recovered from the ship.  Careful and accurate measurements of the original weapons were taken. Barebow Archery now craft all its Laminates and Self Longbows / Warbows to the profiles of the Mary Rose bows.


All our Flatbows and Recurve Bows are produced to an extremely high standard using top quality materials with highly exotic timbers that have gone through vigorous testing to produce very fast, accurate and stable bows.


We are now producing some of the most functional, practical and visually appearing bows on the market. In a nut shell, bows that would be perfect for target shoots, field archery or hunting alike .


Barebow Archery crafts as many of its bows as possible from wood that is supplied by timber yards in support of CITIES,

as preserving the environment is very important to us.

Customised Production and Training



The Convention on International Trade in Endangered
Species of Wild Fauna and Flora

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