Arrow making

Arrow Making
Arrow Maing Course
Arrow Making

Arrow Making

Course run by Barebow Archery with professional Bowyer Ben Perkins.

You will be making
a set of 12 arrows, either War bow style or Modern target arrows.

The warbow arrow course is 2 days long and the target arrows 1 day.

You will learn the basics of Bow making:

Selecting the right arrow Shaft.
Preparation of the shafts.
Gluing of feathers and piles.

Using hand tools, files, saws and scrapers.
Shaping the arrows to Mary Rose or target dimensions.
Fitting and shaping horn nock slithers or plastic nocks .

Shooting the arrows.

All tools and material needed for the course will be provided.

This course is a personal, private, custom tailored class held in Ben's workshop.

You will have a unique experience crafting your arrow and leave with beautiful arrows at the end.

Contact us for availability and Course price