Buyers Guide

In purchasing one of our bows, be it Traditional Longbow, Last Shadow Flatbow or Recurve, you have taken the step to owning a truly magnificent piece of equipment; an English made weapon that is both beautiful and practical. Our bows are a pleasure to hold and a delight to shoot. The top quality wood used in our bows perform faultlessly, and with the proper care will last a lifetime.


There are a couple of points worth considering before buying a bow :-


Custom made bows will require payment up front.


Completion time is dependent on the current waiting list.


All draw lengths will be properly measured, unless known.

Warbows will have a draw length of 32 inches.

Male beginners 40-45lbs draw weight with a 28 inch draw length.


Females beginners 30 - 40lbs draw weight and 24- 27 inch draw length.


Children beginners 20 -35lbs draw weight and a 18-27 inch draw length.

The bows Warranty Certificate and Care guide will be sent via email at time of shipping.

Any Tax and Duties that are placed on the shipment of the bow will be covered by the customer.

Producing bows is a passion for us, knowing they will be shooting many thousands of arrows and enjoyed throughout their life. This makes every hour of work completely worthwhile. We make our bows suitable for anyone. Young, old, beginners, experienced, target archers or hunters alike.