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Barebow Open letter of recommendation

Reviewer: Mervyn Patterson


Re: Mr. Ben Perkins - Bowyer


Hello, I just wanted to share this with you. In mid October of this year I completed one of the things on my bucket list- Making an English longbow as was used in historic battles by the much feared English Archers in Medieval Times at, Agincourt, Crecy etc.

I found Ben Perkins (Ben Perkins Archery) was running one on one 3 day courses on making a bow from a single stave of Italian seasoned Yew wood (as found on the Mary Rose). I signed up and turned up at Bens workshop and after being introduced to his lovely wife and Rosie his 6yr old daughter who by the way makes the best cup of tea in the world.


We went into Bens workshop and I was introduced to a really top quality ( rare these days) stave of Yew, Under Bens instructions and watchful eye I began to mark out, cut, file, shape and fashion this raw stave into something that stirs the soul. It was 3 days of hard physical but very enjoyable and satisfying work.


I ended up with a most beautiful tactile English style selfbow which sends a 30” wooden arrow with great speed and force to its target.

I can thoroughly recommend Ben’s course I guarantee you will come away after 3 days with a few sore muscles a fantastic longbow to use and keep and very big smile on your face and the satisfaction that you have created something very special out of a piece of wood and that YOU did it. If you fancy or have like me always wanted to make a quality bow contact Ben at



Barebow Open letter of recommendation

Reviewer: Declan Ross-Thomas

Re: Mr. Ben Perkins - Bowyer

I was the recipient of a suprise 50th Birthday present organised by my family.  I was delighted that all arrangements had been made, discussed, confirmed, and delivered such that the bow was available for me to open on the intended day as had been promised.

The craftsmenship is unquestionable but more important to me is the relationship that subsequently was struck up.  Ben spared no amount of personal time to explain the composition of the bow, the techniques used to match it to my personal frame and to then supply me with custom arrows to match my long draw length amongst a number of other personal quality leather items.  All this was done supporting me and in a time frame to suit my needs.  I have no hesitation in recommending Ben to others and will now only consider using Ben for my future Barebow needs

Ben's attention to detail, his approachable nature, and endearing charm coupled with extraordinary knowledge and passion for his craft undoubtedly make him a unique individual and bowyer.

Yours Sincerely,

Declan Ross-Thomas



Barebow Open letter of recommendation

Reviewer: Matt Jones

Just a note to say a big thank you for all your hard work and expertise regards my bow.

The 55lb@32” Longbow you made for me is fantastic, not only in terms of shooting but in the high quality of craftsmanship and faultless attention to detail.

The authenticity is unmatched and your skill is evident throughout the entire makeup.

The Arrows you made fly straight and true over very long distances and again the high quality of
craftsmanship is sublime. The whipping on the fletches is perfect and again very authentic and clearly the sign of a true bowyer and arrowsmith.

Your knowledge and advice was second to none and you are clearly a very gifted bowyer.

I will absolutely be commissioning you again for an upgraded when I choose to go up in poundage, and wish you all the best in your work.

Kind regards

Matt Jones.


Barebow Open letter of recommendation

Reviewer: Innis Jephcott

Items bought:

Bow type: Compass Warbow, draw weight 80lbs at 32”

Materials: Hickory back, Ipe core, Lemonwood belly.

Bow type: Target bow, draw weight 60lbs at 31”

Materials: Hickory back, Greenheart core, Lemonwood belly

Bow type: Target bow, draw weight 68lbs at 31”

Materials: Bamboo back, Greenheart core, Lemonwood belly

I am a precision engineer and as such I expect and appreciate good quality workmanship. In my opinion, based on own purchases, Ben Perkins consistently delivers a well made product with a superior finish. He displays understanding of the materials he uses and is happy to explain the various benefits in combining woods to provide an end product suited to my needs. Ben always appears well informed and knowledgeable about his craft. Combined with the evidence of his workmanship this has enabled me not only to feel confident in his work but also confident to recommend him to others.

During the commission and construction process Ben has kept me well informed and has always been available to discuss the design and progress of my bows.

All three bows are actively used throughout the year and have been and are regularly used in target and field competition as well as in clout shooting at 150 – 220 yards.

They have performed well and I have with the target bow  won my archery clubs longbow championship, the Bill Tucker Memorial shoot as well as making 4 new club records.

I am looking forward to purchasing a Self bow in the not to distant future and I will certainly be returning to Ben for this. I am very happy to give my full personal recommendation for Barebow Archery.

Thank you Ben




Barebow Open letter of recommendation


Reviewer: Steve Rockley

I received my  100Lbs@32"  bow in the post and ripped opened the box to reveal the beautiful Cherry wood, Ipe and Hickory finish. The bow is flawless in all ways. I will be buying another Warbow off Barebow Archery very soon.