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Course run by Barebow Archery with professional Bowyer Ben Perkins.

This course is a personal one to one, private, custom tailored class held in Ben's workshop.

The course is 2 days long, this allows you plenty of time to digest the syllabus, and complete your bow to a high spec without rushing.

Laminate bow made out of 2/3 laminations depending on draw weight.

You will arrive to a glued stave using the best hand selected timbers. Timber choices will be discussed in advance of the course.
Selecting the right timber.

The syllabus

How to select the correct timber for the desired weight of bow and examining for imperfections.

Using Bowyers hand tools, rasps, files, draw knife and scrapers.

How the preparation of laminations is carried out.

The method of gluing up the laminations into a stave.

Shaping the bow to Mary Rose dimensions and tillering correctly.

How to deal with knots, pins and holes if any happen to be in the stave.
Tillering the bow and hitting chosen draw weight correctly.
Fitting and shaping Cow or Buffalo horn nocks.

Clear coat finishing.
Making the Flemish Twist string.

Shooting the bow.

Bow weights 40-130lb can be crafted on the course.

All tools and material needed for the course will be provided.

You will be using timbers that have been hand selected from woodlands that work in conjunction with:-

 “The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora”.

This course is a personal, private, custom tailored class held in Ben's workshop.

You will have a unique experience crafting your traditional bow and leave with a piece of art at the end.

Course fee ·£400.00

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