When crafting laminate bows we build them in the authentic Medieval Style, Full Compass bows and not Modern Victorian Reproductions. We use precise measurements taken from the original Tudor bows from the Mary Rose ship.

We concentrate on making sure the bows tiller is exact and it bends equally through its entirety to come round full compass.

This makes our bows smooth to draw & shoot with high performance. The bows we produce are custom made to your exact specification.

Our custom bows can be designed by you using a variety of natural timbers, exotic timber, chosen draw weights and lengths, buffalo/cow horn nocks, self nocks, leather grips / no grips, two laminations, three laminations, more laminations......the list is endless.

Contact us with your specification, or for free advice on your dream bow and we will discuss the details through with you. Once we have your desired specifications we will give you a production time and cost, then start work on your bow once payment is received.

Once completed you will have your final update and your bow will be polished with oil and wax or given a matt 2k clear coat. The bow will be packaged and shipped to you via UPS courier. Turn around time on bows can vary and will be given on ordering.


Laminated Longbows/Warbows

Barebow Archery Longbows
Barebow Archery Longbows
Barebow Archery Longbows
Barebow Archery Longbows

Our bows come in twin laminate and tri laminate, Hickory backed with belly wood or Hickory back, Core wood and a belly wood. Timbers for them can be picked from the list above. They have been designed to bend right through the handle in the traditional longbow style. A range of weight between 40-190Lbs can be chosen. They are very smooth to draw and have near silent release.

The bows are fast, as the nocks and bow tips have been made nice and light. As you can see from the timbers, there is a choice for superb contrast between them in each lamination. They come with a choice of an oil and wax or 2k clear finish. Supplied with or without a genuine leather grip stitched on with linen thread. They shoot very well and group arrows accurately. Every bow is carefully tillered to draw perfectly.

Italian Yew Longbow/Warbow

Mary Rose Warbows
Ben Perkins Barebow Archery
Italian Yew Staves
Yew Warbow






















These bows are crafted from the very best Italian High altitude mountain grown Yew trees. They can be crafted in draw weights from 40Lbs to 180Lbs. So if you want true excellence in longbows this is the bow to order.

These are true replicas of the bows found on the Mary Rose Ship, and are faithfully crafted to the same dimensions from measurements we gathered at the Mary Rose Museum (See photo above). They are the closest you will come to owning a bow from the Tudor Warship. Many of the heavy draw weight archers use these bows and they can send a half inch Livery Arrow in the region of 200 Yards Plus.

Your bow will be produced completely by hand in the traditional medieval manner from a single stave of high altitude Italian yew wood.

The medieval Archers of the day used bows from 100lbs@32 – 180lbs@32

Due to the custom nature of our Traditional  Longbows, Please contact us for a bespoke quote

Yew bow Making Course
Yew bow Course

Bow Restoration

Are you an archer who wishes to have their bows last a life time?

We offer a service that restores, re-finishes, re-tillers and re-nocks.

We can have your old or aged longbow/warbow looking like new in no time at all.

We feel if you have a longbow/warbow that shoots well and suits you, then the last thing you want is for it to
fail on you due to age and moisture getting into the wood.


If you would like to take advantage of this service then contact us for a quote.