Yew Bow Course - Andy

I have had many great students on my bow making courses, and have seen them leave with stunningly beautiful bows. Andy came to do a Yew bow making course lasting 3 days. He arrived, and I talked through the course details, as all other students have in the past. At this point he was presented with his stave. We then covered some of the tools used and I asked him to strip the bark off the back. As he was doing this we started to discuss the weight he wanted to aim for on his first ever bow. He said he already shoots a 130lbs, so something over that would be good.... I thought this could be interesting!

Andy cut the stave to the the right shape and measurements to produce his bow. Once shaped and rounded we got the stave/bow onto the tiller and we were away. Well I thought we were, turned out this stave was going to be a stubborn stick !

It was one of those staves that didn't want to bend, move or drop in weight.... " Andy how far over the 130lbs mark do you want to go? We are going to have to remove some timber" I said ... Andy, like a true legend said, "lets see what weight I can make it to without being stupid!" So that's exactly what Andy did.

At the end of the course he left with a mighty 165Lb@32". Well done Andy See the photograph of the bow during its tillering process.