New Kudu Hybrid

This is the new Kudu Hybrid -

Reflex/Deflex Hybrid bow is built up of several layers of Bamboo with black glass on the belly and an exotic lamination on the back. The bow comes with a Stabil core for anti twist properties. This stability creates a smooth draw and a fast shooting bow with a great power stroke. When testing a 60Lb model of this bow with heavy hunting arrows we measured speeds of 198.5 fps off the chronograph. The riser block is made of beautiful black Ebony timber. All timbers used in the Kudu are hand selected to produce the best combination possible. Above you are looking at black Ebony with white ebony limbs. All risers are hand carved to fit the archers grip perfectly. All Barebow bows come with a signature token for each model sunk into the riser. The bows physical weight

is beween 1-2 lb in the hand depending on the timber used to craft the bow.

Riser: Radius shelf cut approx. 1/8" before center. Features a low grip. Exotic woods for strength and beauty.

Limbs: Hand selected woods with black fiberglass - Reflex/Deflex.

String: Fast flight string. Manufacturer Recommended Brace height: 6-7"

Bow length: 60"

Options: Weight in Lbs at 28 inches - 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65

Can be tillered to a draw length of 30 Inches

Due to the custom nature of our Last Shadow Range of bows, Please contact us for a bespoke quote.